SNP Westminster hopeful fires shots of betrayal at Moore

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The man who led the referendum’s Yes campaign in the Borders is aiming for a seat at Westminster.

Calum Kerr is seeking the SNP’s nomination for the Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk seat.

If he’s successful, that would pitch him against veteran Lib Dem and former Scottish Secretary Michael Moore at May’s general election.

The dad-of-three chaired the Yes Scottish Borders Group in the build-up to the September vote.

He’s already won the backing of the party’s Berwickshire branch for his candidacy.

And the Galashiels-born, Peebles-educated campaigner believes the SNP can win the seat.

He stated: “We are in hugely confident form after achieving a remarkable 45 per cent in the referendum and our party membership has gone from 25,000 to more than 92,000 since September.

“If we can send enough SNP MPs to Westminster, we can make sure that our voice is heard, that Gordon Brown’s vow is delivered and that we create a better Borders in a stronger Scotland.”

And Mr Kerr has already launched an attack on the sitting MP and his party, claiming their supporters feel betrayed.

He said: “As a coalition government minister and backbench MP, Mr Moore has been happy to support Tory policies such as austerity, tuition fees, savage attacks on the disabled and vulnerable, and the hated bedroom tax.

“In 2010, many people voted for Michael Moore to keep the Tories out.

“What they got was an MP who was prepared to join those same Tories in government and vote for their deeply damaging policies.”