SNP is sticking to its promises 
on referendum

I am writing in response to Alistair Martin’s letter which (February 7), in which he accuses the SNP of lying to the Scottish people. The SNP set out the referendum in its manifesto and is sticking to its promise, unlike the ConDem(n)s who have performed so many U-turns they must be dizzy!

The SNP has stated how Scotland will be better as an independent nation, but the Bitter – sorry – Better Together campaigners can only come up with scare stories, telling us we are too wee, too poor and too stupid to look after ourselves. The SNP has agreed to all the electoral commission’s recommendations, but Better Together has not.

It is difficult to find the truth, but just listening to biased mainstream broadcasting bodies will only tell you what they are permitted to say – you have to look elsewhere for the whole truth.

I would recommend Wings Over Scotland and Newsnet Scotland and then, maybe you can form your own opinion.

Kevin Beattie

Drygrange Mains