Small fish in a smaller pond

The BBC2 Scotland independence debate (September 18) revealed some contradictory or even hypocritical strategies.

Clearly the Green Party is seeking to exploit an unholy alliance with the SNP as a route to far greater influence and probably the (tacit) promise of a small future country devoid of heavy industry, and all nuclear and conventional power, as well as any new gas and oil production technologies, powered entirely by coast-to-coast wind turbines, solar panels and piles of compost.

The scarce energy and prohibitively-high energy bills would then “encourage” us all to live “green” like our forefathers, without any high-carbon comforts.

Inconveniently, however, the SNP must rely almost entirely on tax income from the volatile and dwindling North Sea oil and gas industry to make its wishful sums even begin to add-up.

As has happened so many times before throughout European history, the cleverly-targeted propaganda, wishful thinking, vague promises, and silky rhetoric of intolerant nationalist, socialist or communist-leaning political parties can only lead to economic, social and structural ruin.

It is no accident that Europe has enjoyed almost 70 years of relative peace and prosperity (apart from outbreaks of violence fuelled by intolerant nationalism in the Balkans and Basque region) by evolving broadly right or left centrist policies and ever-closer alliances, not separation and isolation driven by bigotry, narrow-minded ideology and the desire for absolute power in a smaller pond.

My head and my heart are equally proud and satisfied to be British and Scottish – and I do not want to be denied the former by the likes of the SNP simply because I chose to return to live in Scotland.

Michael Wilson