Slab in the face after coughing up

We are about to vote in the local authority elections.

The various leaflets deluging through our doors from candidates exhort us to vote for them and claim all the great things they will do for us.

Happy and full of hope for the quality services and hard work which my council tax will secure, I skipped merrily along to the council office in Kelso to pay my dues.

I delighted in the newly-laid pavements – a real service since up to 78 per cent were cracked and some 13 per cent raised more than one centimetre and ready to trip the unfortunate Borders pedestrian, and doubtless give rise to cases of litigation.

Having paid, I returned home to reflect.

Many of the pavement slabs are less than 15 years old. A slab should last a lifetime. If they are cracked they have been badly laid. A slab costs of the order of £3. Two of the new ones are cracked already.

I bet my council tax and the councillors or roads staff salaries are not reduced in 2013 by an appropriate amount.

Choose your councillors carefully.

G. Squire

Sandy Knowes