Skewed priorities over Kelso school

It is remarkable that the public purse, in whatever guise, has found £15million sploshing around to build a new school in Kelso.

I wonder in what other field of public expenditure would such a sum be found to construct a new piece of infrastructure that will be used for short hours on less than half the days in the year, and be a white elephant in 10 years or so by which time electronic learning will surely be the norm in rural areas, just as it is already in Scandinavia.

Not even our enormous padded defence budget enjoys such largesse.

No doubt the old building – which, by the standards of my schooldays, will continue to be fit for purpose for years to come – will stand empty for years while councillors agonise over what is to be done with it, and ultimately demolished. And all this while Borders General Hospital struggles to raise money through appeals to complete the Margaret Kerr Unit, which will bring benefits 24/7. Weird priorities indeed.

Still, there is an upside. The new school will presumably be built on a greenfield site on the edge of town, so those of us living in and around Bowmont Street will no longer be on the daily “litter run”. It’s some other lucky souls’ turn now.

Richard West

Inch Park, Kelso