Skateboard proposal is on thin ice

I see there are plans to build a skateboard facility on spare ground between the busy A68 and the river at Jedburgh.

Has a feasibility study been done for this? Is this the correct site for this facility? Have other sites been considered? Surely skateboarding was a passing whim, its time long past.

Access would have to be over the busy A68 with car parking on the opposite side. Would parents be prepared to watch their children while they use the facility? It would have to be lit during the late autumn, winter and early spring months. Who will pay for this?

With all the financial restraints on the public purse, would this be wise expenditure?

There must be health and safety concerns about crossing the busy road and the Jed in spate, being the second-fastest flowing river in Scotland.

The skateboarding facilities in Dunbar and Kelso are now hardly ever used.

I fear that this will, if built, become another white elephant for Jedburgh.

Ian H. Weir