Sixpenny Settlers valued their freedom

David Spence (letters, January 30) states that, as a Yorkshireman living in Scotland, he would not like to live in a foreign land – i.e. an independent Scotland.

Ah, deja vu. I was serving in Malta with British forces when it was fighting for independence from London rule, led by the Maltese Labour leader, Dom Mintoff.

The many predominately English settlers on the island were very vocal against Malta leaving London rule.

These people were known locally as the Sixpenny Settlers as they only paid sixpence in the pound income tax in Malta. They were happy to leave England for a better climate and lower taxes, but wanted to feel they were still part of Mother England.

I had the misfortune of being asked to one of their meetings – they assumed as a member of the British forces I would be sympathetic to their cause. However, as they ended the meeting by lustily singing “Land of Hope and Glory, Mother of the Free”, I could not resist pointing out to them that freedom was what the Maltese wanted.

Mr Spence, you will always be welcome to live in Scotland, but it is not conditional that we are ruled by Westminster.

Jim Calder