Simple remedy for wind farm developers

Regarding your two-page special on wind farms last week, the usual bleat from developers about the planning process is more absurd than usual when applied to those of wind farms.

Would-be wind farmers complain that they do not know if their applications will be granted. There is a simple remedy for this.

The landscape value of a particular location is common knowledge – it is not controversial, but widely accepted locally and nationally. All the developers have to do is to refrain from submitting an application they know will be deeply resented and opposed.

But that is where the inconsistency they complain of actually works in their favour. For some authorities and committees are less resolute than others in opposing offensive applications. So it is always worth having a go.

The consistency we need is not a so-called presumption of consent, but a certainty that local authorities will be consistent in protecting their priceless landscape assets. If they are in doubt which those are, the people on the ground will tell them, if they are asked. In advance.

Douglas Hall