Signs and sensibility

This week we seem to be reporting on an endless stream of roadworks across the Borders.

And one thing that has become clear is the havoc these can cause when signage is less than ideal.

Selkirk traders along Dunsdale Road, at the bottom end of the town, have been feeling the brunt of things this month after Dunsdale Haugh was closed due to unexpected work having to be undertaken in connection with the Flood Protection Scheme.

While everyone will agree, the flood prevention work is crucial to the town, particularly to those people living and working close to the river, drivers wanting to access their homes or businesses in that area have a 1.5-mile diversion round part of the town.

For drivers who don’t know Selkirk well, it’s a hassle.

But for the businesses who have seen their takings plummet due to people assuming the road closure means they are not open for business, or who have difficulty finding them, it is disastrous.

While there is light at the end of the tunnel for Selkirk’s traders, Galashiels businesses and shoppers can expect weeks of roadworks in connection with gas pipe laying and the railway come January.

Can we urge the council – who admittedly have had a difficult task managing all the changes – to learn lessons from Selkirk’s difficulties, and make sure that future signage is clear and disruptions are kept to a minimum for everyone.