Show forest football pitch the red card

On reading last week’s copy of TheSouthern I had to check the publication date.

Surely, I thought, it was a misprint. It had to be April 1 as some fool has somehow managed to win approval to construct a football pitch within the confines of a beautiful unspoilt forest on the outskirts of Selkirk – strangely enough not named.

The detrimental effect on this area is beyond belief.

Once a haven for bird and wildlife, deer, badgers, woodpeckers, owls, mallards and buzzards, to name but a few. Not forgetting the desecration of the forestation in general – a large acreage of which now no longer exists.

Many who have had their funding refused should rightly feel aggrieved that this ridiculous project has been approved under the banner of “Cultural Art”.

Have all relevant planning applications been approved? – i.e. change of use and, if so, who is paying for this?

Mr Coulthard should hang his head in shame along with all the other dreamers involved with this scheme.

Vivienne E. Nash

Glen Lea House


I read the article last week on the proposed artwork by Craig Coulthard with amazement.

Not only is a football field in a forest not a particularly spectacular idea, but to spend around £500,000 on such a project, which I am sure will end up being replanted with trees within a very short time, is just crazy.

I am with Scottish Borders Council’s senior sports officer Dougie Anderson – surely the money would be far better spent on providing sporting facilities that are actually of some use and which are built to last?

Joyce Wright