Shopping shock

I would like to highlight an incident I was involved in just after Christmas in the faint hope that it may prick the thief’s conscience.

I am unemployed and attend Kelso library every day looking for work using the computers.

I had done a wee bit shopping, buying something for my lunch and evening meal, and I placed the bag at my side on the floor in the library. I was busy on the computer for the next hour or so and during that time I was aware of a man who had laid his small rucksack on the floor next to my shopping, but never thought any more about it. But when I bent to get my shopping it was gone, along with the rucksack and the man.

As I have already mentioned, I am unemployed and living on the breadline as it is, and the little bit of shopping was my last money till my benefit came in on the Friday.

If, as I believe, it was this man who lifted my bag, he must have known he was picking up someone else’s shopping. Whether by mistake or intentional, I don’t know, but what is really disappointing is that if it was a mistake he has made no effort to contact Kelso library to ask about who may have lost the goods.

Too many weeks have passed to get my shopping back, but I am hoping that by publishing my letter he may yet try to contact either the library or myself directly to at least apologise, if not compensate me.

Bill Ferguson