Shock over death of Wark teenager

Accident between Carham and Cornhill on Monday morning 4th March 2013.
Accident between Carham and Cornhill on Monday morning 4th March 2013.

POLICE have named an 18-year-old motorist who died following a collision with a timber truck on Monday morning.

David Ure, of Wark, was killed in the crash with the heavy goods on the B6350 between Carham and Wark shortly before 8.30am.

His parents, Robert and Julie, who both work in Kelso, were given the news of their son’s death while on holiday in Antigua. He was their only child.

David was home looking after the family’s elderly labrador.

Neighbour Susan Thorkildsen said: “All of those who live here in Wark, everyone who knew David, are all in shock. I can’t imagine how his parents feel, their only child, killed suddenly like this. Our hearts, our sympathy go out to them.

“David grew up here. We used to watch this group of seven or so youngsters have such a happy childhood growing up together in Wark.

“He was a sensible driver, a sensible person. My most recent memory of him was, last summer when I was unwell, out on the road. He came over to me to offer help. I am an OAP. I was so surprised and impressed.

“He was a sensible young man who went beyond himself in his thoughts and his deeds. He was an amazing young man. I will never forget this or the happy, smiling faces of him and the others growing up over the years.”

David, who was driving a Citroen, was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. The driver of the HGV was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

A section of the road between the A698 Main Street and The Linn junction in Kelso was closed most of the da to allow for the vehicles to be uplifted and collision investigation to take place. Police are appealing for witnesses.

Ms Thorkildsen is concerned about the number of timber trucks using the narrow road. She said: “Because they are so big, they often go over the middle line in the road.

“In our case, they have had to pull back to their own side or hit us. I am frightened when I see them bearing down the road toward us.”