Sherry Fowler UK Independence Party (UKIP)

UKip candidate Sherry Fowler.
UKip candidate Sherry Fowler.

I have lived and worked in the Borders since 2003 and am opposed to the on-going impoverishment of our countryside as the scourge and inefficiency of wind farms continues unabated. UKIP is the only party that would stop these leviathans being built, the effect of under investment in viable and conventional forms of energy production, the over-emphasis on renewables and subsidisation of renewable energy has seen our energy prices rocketing, sending millions of households into fuel poverty.Expensive energy closes energy intensive industries, leading to ever more unemployment.

As a councillor I would fight on other issues such as business rate relief for small business, as I believe that the council should be lobbying the Scottish Parliament for a business rates freeze. While the two biggest expenses small businesses face are wages and taxes – UKIP policy on a high tax free threshold for lower income families, no payroll tax (employers NIC) and a flat tax of 25 per cent for all is a starting point for small business in these discussions.

The UKIP has no party whip and its representatives bring no pre-judged issues to dealing with local services for our constituents. We seek to represent the people and would work with the other parties for the benefit of the ward.

To deal with the blight of planning laws across the Borders, UKIP supports Swiss-style binding local referenda to put power in the hands of the people on important and controversial issues.