Sheriff orders Denholm man involved in drunken confrontation with police to stay off booze

Jedburgh Sheriff Court.
Jedburgh Sheriff Court.

A man involved in a booze-fuelled confrontation with police officers has been ordered not to drink alcohol for the next two years.

James Markie armed himself with a cordless drill and wooden baton during the drunken bust-up at his home in Denholm’s Murray Place on October 31.

During that incident, he revved up the drill and smashed a pane of glass with the baton, causing a fragment of it to be hurled into one of the police officers’ eyes.

Procurator fiscal Graham Fraser told Jedburgh Sheriff Court the 50-year-old had been in contact with ambulance staff on the night in question, the fifth anniversary of his wife’s death.

Due to concerns about that conversation, the police were alerted, but when they arrived at his home at around 6pm “he got irate towards them and challenged them to fight”.

The court was told police were concerned about the items he was in possession of, and Markie was swinging the baton and revving up the drill.

Markie pleaded guilty to behaving in a threatening or abusive manner at his home and in a police vehicle, culpably and recklessly breaking panes of glass and attempting to strike a police officer with a wooden baton.

Defence lawyer Ed Hulme said his client had no recollection of the incident.

He added: “Once he became aware of his actions after being told about them, he was extremely apologetic and ashamed.”

Markie was described as an alcoholic with various health difficulties.

Mr Hulme said that on the evening in question his client was at a low ebb as it was the anniversary of his wife’s death but he had abstained from drinking alcohol since then.

Sheriff Peter Paterson imposed a two-year supervision order on Markie also requiring him to carry out 100 hours of unpaid work.

An extra condition was imposed that Markie does not consume alcohol for the duration of the order.