Shane’s tartan task

In August last year I had the pleasure of visiting Selkirk while on a holiday in the United Kingdom.

What made the visit special for me was that my family originate from the town.

My great-great-grandfather, Robert Emond, his wife, Joan Scott, all of their children, their children’s spouses and all of their grandchildren emigrated to Australia on the one ship in 1854.

I am hoping your readers may be able to help with some information I was unable to gather while there.

I am trying to find out if there is a tartan that people in Selkirk might wear who are not associated with one of the Scottish clans, as I don’t believe the Emonds are linked to one. I tried to find out while in Scotland and it was suggested the Roxburgh tartan might apply. Two other possibilities suggested to me were the Scottish Borders and Ettrick Forest tartans.

Any information can be emailed to me at

Shane Emond