Shakespeare done to a T at Traquair

Natasha Stiven (Juliet), Rosemary Donald (Friar Laurence), Matthew Burgess (Romeo)
Natasha Stiven (Juliet), Rosemary Donald (Friar Laurence), Matthew Burgess (Romeo)

Beautifully crafted and wonderfully performed are just two of the endless amount of compliments Shakespeare at Traquair’s Romeo and Juliet performance deserved, writes Monica Walker.

Traquair House was a perfect setting for Shakespeare’s tale of two lovers. Its idyllic scenery and stunning views set the scene for a brilliant play. Despite the unpredictable (and rainy) weather the play went ahead with no problems.

The actors and actresses showed fantastic courage while standing in the cold and still managed to pull off a faultless performance. The play was also a chance for many budding young thespians to show off their talents, playing warring sides Montague and Capulet, and also police escorts which gave the play a modern twist.

Matthew Burgess as Romeo, acted with great emotion and poise, while Natasha Stiven who played Juliet kept the play young and vibrant.

The audience were consumed into the world of Shakespeare and the famous balcony scene captivated me and the tragic death scene was portrayed beautifully.