SHABA judges go Misty-eyed

Galashiels Eyebrow Artist Misty Crew with her SHABA picked up in Glasgow for 'Best Brow Artist'
Galashiels Eyebrow Artist Misty Crew with her SHABA picked up in Glasgow for 'Best Brow Artist'

Galashiels beauty specialist Misty Crew knew what she was doing when she sought a niche for her salon.

And it all came to fruition on Sunday evening in a glittering event to showcase the best in hair and beauty talent in Scotland as she won the award for best brow artist at The Scottish Hair And Beauty Awards, otherwise known as the quite superb acronym The SHABAs.

A delighted Misty, 31, told The Southern: “It was a real shock, I don’t mind saying. I was up against big salons in Edinburgh and Glasgow ... I was the only one from the Borders.

“What made this all the more special is that this is the first time they have given an award for brow art.”

Misty, who has moved into her new salon in Bank Street only recently, said that as there are so many beauty salons locally, it was important that she specialised in something different, which is how she became a brow specialist.

She said: “I found a studio group in Glasgow that was providing training specifically for eyebrows. It’s something no-one else is doing locally.

“It must have been the right move, as I’m fully booked all the time.”

That fact that her salon is constantly booked for reshaping, tints and epibrows is a reason for her surprise at winning.

She said: “When I entered I wrote a huge spiel about how I was juggling my job with having children and how I started working with brows, and how it has become so busy.

My clients also recommended me and I sent before and after shots of their brows.

“The next step was that the judges were supposed to send a ‘secret shopper’ type person, but by the time I entered, I was fully booked until the end of September and I still haven’t seen anyone that it could have been, so I think they must have struggled.

“But the fact that they could not get an appointment maybe told them what they wanted to know.”

However, Misty, who is married to school sweetheart Rick and has three children – seven-year-old Dryden, Korben, 6, and Lyra, 3 – says she is thankful that her customers don’t mind making their appointments to fit in with her own busy schedule.

She said: “The new salon works really well for me, as I have a treatment room at the back for doing epibrows [a semi-permanent treatment].”

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