Sentence spells out a clear message

The 12-year jail sentence this week handed down to ex-Borders police sergeant Kevin Storey is a stern warning for those tempted to commit offences of violence against women.

Storey’s catalogue of sex offending – including rape – was committed over two decades and will have appalled the vast majority of the public, including his former colleagues who often come into contact with the victims of these sort of crimes and witness the devastating effect they can have. The fact that many of Storey’s offences were carried out while he was a serving officer makes them even worse.

It is a sad indictment on society that our court pages regularly reveal tales of woman being the victims of male aggression, often alcohol-fuelled.

As we approach Christmas and New Year – a period when many of us develop the propensity to overindulge in the booze stakes – violence against women, or at least the threat of it, has a more-than-likely chance of rearing its ugly head. But the punishment dished out by the High Court in Edinburgh on Monday sends out a clear message that society is increasingly no longer prepared to put up with this type of crime – something Kevin Storey should ponder as he sits in his prison cell this Christmas.