Sensing hypocrisy in courts controversy

Ah well, back to the wee feud I’m having with the two Jays – Lamont and Hume.

Now, of course, I regret any cuts or possible closures of our courts, and in my patch it’s Peebles, though, as you know, I am digging my heels in to make sure we get that justice centre in Galashiels.

We have to ask, why is the Scottish Government stuck for cash? Could it possibly be that it has had its budget – fixed by Westminster – trashed?

That’s both revenue and capital, by the way.

And who could possibly be at the helm of the SS UK, but George Osborne (Tory) and his pal, Danny Alexander (Lib Dem).

And let’s not forget that the last time the Lib/Dens were in Coalition it was here in Scotland-for eight long years with Labour. What was threatened then? Why the closure of Peebles Sheriff Court.

Remember this was in the good times when the then Scottish Executive had money to play with.

Do I smell hypocrisy in the air? Just a whiff.

Rabbits have Rights

Now I know that some of you will find this amusing and even a bit off the wall. To be truthful, so did I, but not after my visit to Buddies Bunnies, a rescue centre for neglected and abandoned pet rabbits.

I am now truly smitten and learned loads about the right way to keep these characterful pets.

See those wee huts the pet shops flog? A form of caged cruelty. You think you have a big enough run for your rabbit? Probably not.

Carrots and iceberg lettuce anyone? Not for rabbits.

You see how much I learned? If you go onto my Facebook page you will see me cuddling and looking lovingly at a great big handsome ... ah well, have a look and finish the sentence.

To Bee or not to Bee

While I’m on the topic of creatures, furry and otherwise, let me mention the demise of the Scottish bee colonies which have been devastated by several harsh and wet seasons.

But fear not, I have a cunning plan.

Well, actually, it’s the cunning plan of the local secretary of a bee-keepers’ association. With just £5,000 the hives in this neck of the woods could be revitalised. I have asked the Scottish Government if it will consider funding our skilled, but non-commercial, bee-keepers to breed a much-needed input of queen bees.

How? Now forget the pandas and think artificial insemination of bees.

Yes, you learn something new every day.