Selkirkshire Three councillors

Michelle Ballantyne

Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Frustrated with politics? The only way to improve things is to get involved and fight for what we believe in, that’s why I am standing for Selkirkshire in this election. To keep and improve services in this financial climate, we need caring, inspirational and intelligent leadership and management. We need to provide an environment that encourages the growth of industry, which in turn creates jobs and security for ourselves and our children. Only this way will Selkirkshire and the Borders flourish and enable us to have the roads, schools and services we want. I can offer you the experience, ideas and commitment to take this challenge forward. No one wants empty promises or fine words. We want action, and that is what you should expect from, and judge your local councillors, on.

Leven Brown

Borders Party

Born in the Borders, I went to school in Selkirk and now live with my family near Lilliesleaf. After gaining a wealth of experience over 17 years working in business, I set up my own company Ocean Row Events after a pioneering solo voyage across the Atlantic in 2005.

I joined the Borders Party because it is independent and deals just with local issues. There is a democratic deficit locally with parties’ national interests being foisted upon communities by compliant politicians who toe the party line.

The Borders Party wants to invest in services and projects that offer genuine value to Borderers but not waste money on grandiose projects of little real worth. The Council must live within its means.

My experience is in creating winning teams: getting people hauling together for common visions and causes. If elected I will bring that dynamism and no-nonsense approach to Scottish Borders Council.

Vicky Davidson

Scottish Liberal Democrats

It has been an enjoyable privilege to serve as a Selkirkshire councillor and as executive member for economic development. I’ve worked hand in hand with communities across the ward, holding public meetings, writing funding applications, preparing petitions, speaking out both in public and behind the scenes at SBC.

Results? Over £1million in improvements for valley roads from the Timber Transport Fund; St Mary’s Loch to be used for upstream storage to enable Selkirk flood protection; Selkirk swimming pool saved; affordtable housing built in Selkirk and Yarrowford; services protected; grant funding for businesses reinstated; road safety improvements and campaigns for the Selkirk by-pass and mobile phone coverage kept centre stage; Victoria Halls refurbished; town centre areas upgraded like Halliwells Place and the Courthouse Steps; rural schools protected and rural issues championed. I’d like to continue working hard on your behalf, speaking up for your interests. Please make me your first choice.

Gordon Edgar


I have managed my own electrical contracting business in Selkirk for more than 30 years.

I have served the local community through membership of community council, various local committees, and served five years as a Scottish Borders councillor up to 2007.

It is with this experience and qualification that I am confident that I will be best able to influence the decisions that have to made to ensure that all the council services in roads, transport education, economic development, social works and environmental issues are delivered consistently, efficiently and fairly to the satisfaction of the communities in the Selkirkshire ward.

It is my view that party politics has no part to play in local government in the Borders.

I will communicate with the people in the ward by holding regular surgeries and open consultation meetings and believe that I am the best candidate to represent the Selkirkshire ward. Please vote Edgar1.

Kenneth Gunn

Scottish National Party

I stand on my record over the past five years. I have been responsible for bringing Scottish Government ministers to the Borders and I am particularly pleased to have kick-started the Flood Prevention Committee on the council. The major flooding in Selkirk was in 2003 but in 2007, when I was elected, I found that nothing had been done by previous councillors to help stop the same thing happening again. Plans are now in place to give Selkirk a proper flood defence. I welcome the return of part of the former railway but that must go as far as Carlisle and we must fight for better roads in the Borders to support the railway. Together these can bring jobs.

All 34 councillors must be involved in the decision making. A few councillors are making the important decisions. It is important the committee system is brought back and democracy seen to happen.

Gordon Harrison


I was so glad to have moved to the Borders 13 years ago, when the Council was made up of 16 Independents, 13 Lib Dems, 2 Conservative, 2 labour and 2 SNP Councillors. It was a beautiful place to live.

The tight money policy influenced by the Conservatives since 2003 saw our standard of service drop so that within four years those offered by the SBC was classed in the bottom quartile of the Scottish Councils. It has barely improved since.

The SNP Government has now imposed a “no increase in council tax” regime and SBC has taken the easy way out by cutting staff as well as services. So things got much worse for us all.

I want life to get better for all of us by efficient common sense management without interference from London or Edinburgh - that’s what I can offer and will promise to provide