Selkirk youngsters answer the call

Selkirk High School Media Group

What We Have Achieved


Selkirk Media Group was formed just after the summer 2010 when it was posted in the bulletin that Selkirk High School needed a Young Scot team.

A group of enthusiastic workers decided that this was to be their year – and what they have achieved this year has been fantastic.

 Their first task was to undergo a training course which alerted them to a variety of different skills and techniques that would make their year successful.

After an inspiring afternoon, they put together a plan that showed what they aimed to achieve that month – with such things like posting to the information board that is located in the dining hall.

It became their priority at that point to put together articles and to set up a local Youth Information Point website.

With some help from professionals they created the site which can now be found via a link on the school website, which shows everyone what they have achieved recently and what new events are happening in the local area.

This could not have been achieved without the support and encouragement of CL&D worker Norrie Tait who has given them continued guidance and led them to their success as a youth information point in Selkirk High School.

However, their biggest achievement by far this year has been the anti-smoking campaign. This is when the group took on the challenge of producing a film for the NHS about raising awareness about the dangers of smoking, with a very comical but effective idea.

They put forward their idea after months of preparation and changes, and as a result were awarded a £2,000 grant to make the film. This amazing news sent the group into a buzz of excitement and they are all delighted with the outcome.

They worked with a director from the BBC, Stuart Grieve, who helped shape their initial script, as well as record and set up the film.

He inspired the actors to perform to a high standard, and this led to a very comical and enjoyable presentation about the dangers of smoking.

The group cannot stress enough the effort that Miss Roan has put into helping them make the film, as well as the whole Youth Point Information, and they could never have brought it together without her dedication.

They have all had a fantastic year working together and hope that those young people interested in joining the Youth Information Point next year will not hold back from taking part in a fantastic opportunity to do something great.

Norrie Tait