Selkirk taxi fare dodger hit with £150 bill

Talisman Avenue in Langlee, Galashiels
Talisman Avenue in Langlee, Galashiels

Trying to dodge a £30 taxi fare ended up costing a passenger five times that much.

Carly Whitehead was fined £120 and ordered to pay the original fee in compensation.

The 21-year-old called a cab during the early hours of Sunday, July 22, to pick her up in Talisman Avenue in Galashiels and drop two passengers off in Balmoral in the town before heading on to Selkirk.

During the journey, the taxi driver asked her if she had enough money for the fare and she said she had.

However, as they approached Selkirk, Whitehead changed her tune and indicated that she did not have the money but said her mother would pay the fare.

Selkirk Justice of the Peace Court heard how the driver then stopped his vehicle in the town centre and she went to the bank to withdraw the £30 fare but was only able to get out £10.

Depute fiscal Tessa Bradley said that at that point the driver called the police.

Whitehead, of Sentry Knowe, Selkirk, pleaded guilty to a charge of fraud.

Defence lawyer Ed Hulme said: “She is very sorry for the circumstances in this case.

“She realised too late she did not have sufficient funds to pay the fare and ended up in a spot of difficulty.

“She is in between jobs but actively seeking work.”

JP Andrew Bramhall noted that Whitehead had a previous conviction for a similar offence.

In addition to the £120 fine, he ordered that she should pay £30 compensation to the cabbie left out of pocket.