Selkirk steps into 21st century

Selkirk has launched the common riding season by making history, and appointing its first female standard bearer.

Army veteran Fiona Deacon will cast the flag for the royal burgh’s Ex-Soldiers’ Association on June 13, breaking an all-male dominance.

Her appointment was unanimous, although even a few years ago such a move would probably have been unthinkable.

But at a time when equality, or lack of it, is making headlines, and with women laying down their lives for their country alongside their male counterparts, it is fitting and something to be applauded that Selkirk has taken this historic step.

Fiona has already made Selkirk history when she was the first female veteran to lay the Ex-Soldiers’ wreath at the war memorial.

However, she’s playing down the importance of the event, telling us: “It just so happens I am a woman. It’s a huge honour to be elected, especially in the centenary of the beginning of The Great War. I’ve been absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of support.”

Well, here at The Southern, we feel the move is a great step forward, and applaud Souters on their choice of Ex-Soldiers’ Standard Bearer, and to Fiona, we are sure you will do your adopted town proud on Common Riding Day.