Selkirk’s pride as town marks end of Flodden 500

New Royal Burgh Flag
New Royal Burgh Flag

Events in Selkirk to mark the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Flodden were drawn to a close with the handover of a brand new burgh flag.

The last major event of the commemorations was held in the town’s Victoria Halls on the evening of Friday, September 20, when a special dinner, attended by more than 200, saw the handing over of the new town banner.

It was presented by the Ex-Standard Bearers’ Association, which has done a great deal to ensure the milestone 500th anniversary was marked in a fitting manner.

Accepting the flag on behalf of the Common Riding Trust, Provost David Anderson told the assembled company the soul of Selkirk was in her flags, and all who were enshrouded within their folds, felt a deep emotion.

He thanked David Mitchell and James Heatlie for liaising with Heriot-Watt University in the production of the flag, and also thanked the Ex-Standard Bearers for their generosity.

“I can assure you that future generations of Standard Bearers will be charged to return it, just like its predecessors, unsullied and untarnished,” he told them.

Provost Anderson also replied to the toast to King James IV and the battle, proposed by Flodden 1513 Club chairman James Bell.

Mr Anderson said: “This anniversary was always going to be a big deal here in Selkirk, because Flodden has been felt to be such an important part of who they are by the people of Selkirk for 500 years.”