Selkirk’s hero will be in bits on flood wall

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Selkirk folk will soon know who their hero is, as the shortlist for the role of kelpie tamer has been made.

Over the past several weeks, Souters have been nominating those who they feel deserve to be portrayed in a public artwork by Svetlana Kondakova as part of her Selkirk Flood Protection Scheme community art project.

Graham Coulson with  his Silver Wolf,  the highest award in Scouting.

Graham Coulson with his Silver Wolf, the highest award in Scouting.

Svetlana said: “It is now up to the public to decide who should be immortalised in mosaic on the flood defence wall, taming the kelpie, which represents the destructive force of nature.

“The shortlist is made up of three individuals who have invested huge amounts of time and effort in local community organisations and projects – Graham Coulson, Jim Newlands and Steve Penny.”

To cast their vote, Selkirk residents are invited to visit by midnight on Sunday, March 4.

Entries should be based on who they feel has made the biggest positive impact on the town and its people.

Jim Newlands

Jim Newlands

Nominees were required to be living people, in order to be able to pose for the mosaic, and have strong ties to the town.

Here’s some details about the three who have made it to the shortlist.

Graham Coulson

Chosen for his life-long leadership of and dedication to the Selkirk Scout Group; for his contributions as a founding member of the Selkirk Opera and Selkirk Pantomime; and for his loyal support of the Selkirk Musical Society as past president, member and star.

Steve Penny

Steve Penny

Jim Newlands

The former provost and deacon, and Standard Bearer of the Incorporation of Hammermen, for his contributions as local teacher, historian, author, captain of Selkirk Rugby and honorary sheriff; as well as being instrumental in forming the Common Riding Trust and his involvement of the High School in the flag practices.

Steve Penny

Chosen for his outstanding contributions to the community as a member of the Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue Team for over 20 years in a variety of roles including team leader, secretary and incident manager; as well as for his work with many other local organisations, including the Tweed Valley Bike Patrol.