Selkirk residents again cry foul

A SELKIRK street is once again being plagued by the anti-social behaviour of youngsters, according to one of its residents.

David Firth says youths have returned to Curror Street to batter footballs around Knowepark Primary School playground and cause nuisance.

And there were also reports of youngsters ‘free running’ – a craze where people acrobatically jump or run over obstacles – through gardens in the town.

David Firth told Selkirk Community Council: “The residents in Curror Street want a sign for 12 years and over saying no ball games allowed. That is all we want.

“The place is locked up, but they climb over the fence and into the playground. When you approach them, they say they are just wanting to walk through the place.

“We as residents can see what is coming. They are slowly coming back.

“The police are as good as no good – we have no faith in them whatsoever.”

Mr Firth also criticised Scottish Borders Council’s education department for failing to take action.

Community council chairman Graham Easton, who remains on the board of youth project Rowland’s, said: “Selkirk has the highest number of youth calls for any Borders town. Police are aware of that.”

Councillor Gordon Edgar replied: “I have not had any comment from Curror Street residents complaining about it.”

A Lothian and Borders Police spokesman said they would address the issue of youths free running through gardens.