Selkirk plant to produce a million kilos of detergent by 2020

Cleaning and detergent manufacturer RP Adam Ltd (Arpal Group) has opened a new £100,000 UK powder production plant at its manufacturing base in Selkirk.

Tuesday, 17th May 2016, 9:42 am
Updated Tuesday, 17th May 2016, 11:47 am
SBSR R P Adam Ltd., Selkirk

The new facility has been designed to meet a growing demand for powdered detergent across the UK, and will initially handle 400,000 kilos of product per year, aiming to exceed the one million kilo mark by 2020.

The investment forms part of a wider £400,000 plant improvement and expansion programme delivered by RP Adam in 2016 which has included a major expansion of the factory and warehouse facilities, resulting in a 40 per-cent increase in storage capacity at the Selkirk site in line with increased business growth.

Martin Carroll, Group Technical Director at RP Adam said: “Our new in-house production plant has taken two years of planning, testing and implementation and now brings a new dimension to our UK manufacturing base. It will allow us to treble our production capacity of powder over the next five years, as well as giving us a security of supply of a product for which we have seen a steady increase in demand in recent years, especially across the UK healthcare and catering market.

“RP Adam is best known for its liquid detergents, but this strategic investment means we can now handle almost any pack size and any volume required - whether it is liquid or powder.”

RP Adam is set to use its new facility to capitalise on the to-own-label (TOL) market, as a complement its branded offering. For commercial kitchens, this includes tannin removing destainer, powder degreaser, heavy-duty de-carboniser, dish wash powder and a sanitising powder. For the licenced trade, there is a glass renovating powder and, for the on-premises laundry market, a range of laundry powder detergents and stain removal products.

A fourth-generation family-owned company, RP Adam is a leading manufacturer of cleaning and disinfection products which this year celebrates its 125th year in business. The company services customers across the UK as well as operating successful subsidiaries across the Middle East

The company currently employs nearly 100 people across the UK, and the Selkirk plant expansion comes as UK production volumes increase to match year-on-year sales growth. The 2014/15 financial year saw the manufacturing volume at Selkirk rise by 11 per-cent, and this year volumes are set to increase by a further 13 per-cent.

The recent expansion at Selkirk plant is a major part of RP Adam’s five year investment and growth programme, launched to mark the anniversary, which sets out a £20 million turnover target to be reached by 2020.

Group Sales & Marketing Director Max Adam, the fourth-generation Adam to be involved in the business added: “This is an exciting time for the company and this new investment at our factory further emphasises our desire to increase our manufacturing and logistics capabilities to match current and future growth.”

“The Group’s general UK and overseas production volumes have increased significantly year-on-year, with our manufacturing volume at Selkirk rising by 25% over a two-year period. Our business interests in the Middle East have also had a positive impact with production volumes up by 32% in the last three years.

“This means we can take a much broader view of strategic investment over the longer-term - especially in those key areas which can have a positive impact on our production capabilities.”