Selkirk ‘loud and proud’ in bid to win Fairtrade Town status

THE next step in the campaign to gain Fairtrade Town status for Selkirk kicks off on Monday with a special poster campaign.

‘Be loud and proud to show off Fairtrade’ is the theme for Fairtrade Fortnight which runs from Monday until March 13 across the UK.

This is the first Fairtrade Fortnight that the Selkirk Fairtrade Steering Group, which launched in 2009, has joined. The group hopes to raise awareness of Fairtrade as part of its goal towards achieving Fairtrade Town status for the royal burgh.

Organisers say residents wishing to support the initiative can do so in a number of ways, including printing out the official poster for Fairtrade Fortnight and displaying it in their windows at home, work and car. The poster is available from the campaign website at:

It was designed by Marie Ledendal, one of the members of the Selkirk group. Marie, who is originally from Sweden and was involved in Fairtrade there, is now living in Selkirk while studying for a PhD in textile design at Heriot-Watt in Galashiels.

The local campaign website was designed by Sam Edgecombe, another member of the group, who was also involved with Fairtrade in Sweden.

There will also be a Fairtrade Tasting, Cotton Bunting Decorating and Face Painting Event on Saturday, March 12, from 10am-2pm at St Joseph’s Church Hall.

On the day you will be able to sample some tasty Fairtrade products, get your face painted and decorate Fairtrade cotton bunting to show off support for Fairtrade and help create the world’s longest string of hand-designed bespoke bunting. The world record currently stands at 2,606 metres of individual, hand-made bunting triangles.

The Selkirk decorated bunting will join all the others decorated in the UK to create a new world record, so watch out for displays of the Selkirk bunting from parliament to the World Trade Organisation meeting in November.

Other things you can do to support Fairtrade includes ordering a wide range of Fairtrade products (including food and clothing) from the Traidcraft catalogue which is available on the counter in the Scott’s Selkirk Shop.

Local organisers are also hoping that local businesses will show off their Fairtrade products and highlight the range of Fairtrade available in Selkirk.

Any person, business or community organisation who is interested in becoming involved in Selkirk Fairtrade, who would like to participate in Fairtrade Fortnight or who would like further information on Fairtrade can contact the group via email:, or the website: