Selkirk gets set for Flodden finale

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After a frantic series of events around the actual date of the Flodden anniversary, the main commemorations come to a close in Selkirk.

On Saturday, the Scottish Chamber Orchestra will be performing a Flodden concert in the Victoria Hall at 7.30pm as part of the YES Festival. (Full detail on the festival website).

On Sunday, the historic Riding of the South Marches takes place, when a mounted cavalcade will take to the land to the south and east of the town.

Please note that a change has been made to the route since it was initially published, and that a final route is now available on the Riding of the South Marches website.

This year’s Standard Bearer, Martin Rodgerson, will receive the Burgh Flag on the balcony of the Town Hall at 8am.

Once mounted, the Standard Bearer will then lead the cavalcade along the High Street, past the Flodden Memorial Garden and Fletcher Monument at the Victoria Halls, out past Goslawdales and on up to Buxton and the Lindean mast.

The cavalcade is scheduled to arrive at Midlem at around 10.15am, before heading on towards Lilliesleaf after a refreshment stop.

The riders are expected at approximately 11.30am in Lilliesleaf, where another stop will be taken. They will then leave at around 12.30pm and return by Whitmuir and Bell Hill.

At Goslawdales they will be joined at around 3pm by the crafts and other casting associations, Selkirk Common Riding Trust, Selkirk Royal and Ancient Burgh Ex-Standard Bearers Association, the Flute Band, Selkirk Silver Band and Selkirk Pipe Band.

The procession, led by the Flodden 500 walkers, children in period costume and the Flute Band, will bring the cavalcade to the Victoria Halls.

From there the foot procession will turn in to Chapel Street, while the horses will disperse via the High Street.

A wreath will be laid in the memorial garden and a guard of honour formed by the crafts and association flags.

Following this the Royal Burgh Standard Bearer will dip the flag in front of Fletcher and there will be a two minute silence and the band will play the Liltin’.

The flag will then be returned to the provost and the national anthem played.