Selkirk district news 06-11

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Monday Club

At 2pm on Monday, November 9, at St Joseph’s Church Hall. Ruth McDonnell will be talking about the Borders Recycling Service. All are welcome. The members wish to thank Selkirk Rotary and R.S. McLeod, Selkirk Flood Prevention Scheme for their kind contribution to a very successful outing last week.

Rotary club

The support we enjoyed for this year’s community quiz allowed us to raise over £750, which will be donated to ex-high school students Jen and Kirsten Love. Jen and Kirsten will be travelling back to Sugod Elementary School in the Philippines where they will continue their work to build up a school feeding programme.

Our photos show the winning team, ‘The Davidson Three’, collecting their prize from President Edith. Our grateful thanks are extended to quiz master Brian Redman and his technical assistants Yahsin Ahmed and Euan Nicol. The High School assembly hall was an excellent venue, with particular thanks to Paul Brownlie for his setting up efforts. Half time sustenance was generously donated by Subway.

What better way to promote the work of our local Rotarians, raise funds for an excellent cause, and have a laugh along the way.

Club members and guests were recently updated on progress of the Selkirk Flood Protection Scheme by Scott Marr and Sylvia Taylor, who visited us last night.

Whilst the town is in the midst of considerable disruption, Scott outlined the 38 different ‘Flood Cells’ which directed where and when the work is done.

The two-year project is due for completion in December 2016 during which time more than 100,000 tons of cohesive materials for the flood embankments will be moved in.

It was very clear from the presentation that minimising disruption to the community was very much uppermost in the contractors’ minds.

The club recently joined forces with RJ Mcleod, Flood Protection Scheme, to support over 30 members from St Johns Monday Club, to a special outing marking their 40th Anniversary. The group boarded their coach in Selkirk to be taken to Mayfield Garden Centre in Kelso for a lovely afternoon tea.


National Drama competition, Victoria Hall, Selkirk, Friday from 7pm and Saturday from 2pm. Institutes compete for the coveted Anstruther Gray trophy. Tickets available in advance from 01750 62219 or on the door, £9 for both days or £6.50 for a single day.



The October meeting was the AGM and the committee was elected as follows: President - Annie Coltherd, Vice President - Evelyn Horsburgh, Treasurer - Shirley McDonald, Secretary - Margaret Watson, Social Secretary - Ena Mitchell, Committee - Linda Bradshaw, Betty Fraser, Gill Kerr, Margaret Robinson, Hannah Young. The cups were presented with Margaret Robinson winning the cup for the most points and Linda Bradshaw winning the Barrie Cup. The AGM was followed by a ‘Taste and Try’ which was thoroughly enjoyed. The next meeting is on November 10 with a talk by Liberty Star Trading. The competitions are favourite brooch and a flask of soup.


Thought for the week

The person who created the light bulb, Thomas Edison was a fascinating person. Last week he taught us about forgiveness. He was someone who always found a positive outcome from everything that happened to him and was willing to keep persevering. When a reporter asked him if he felt he’d failed because he’d tried so many different substances to see which would work as an element in the bulb, he replied, “Not at all. I now know all the different ones which don’t work and soon I’ll find the one which will.”

There are many things in life which frustrate us and might cause us to give up. One thing God offers to those who ask is His Spirit to help us persevere through our troubles. We do not have to stumble through them alone and can learn important lessons in life through them.

Rev Margaret D J Steele