Selkirk 27-year-old ordered to pay £300 compensation to driver he threatened

Selkirk Sheriff Court.
Selkirk Sheriff Court.

A man has been ordered to pay £300 compensation to a motorist he threatened.

Dean McCallum, 27, of Buccleuch Road, Selkirk, pleaded guilty to behaving in a threatening or abusive manner in the Bannerfield area of the town on the afternoon of Saturday, August 12, 2017.

Selkirk Sheriff Court was told that a man was driving down Montrose Place in a Fiat car when McCallum started kicking it.

A three-year-old child was in the vehicle at the time of the incident, the court heard.

McCallum then got involved in an altercation with the police.

Defence lawyer Mat Patrick said his client had reacted because he claimed the car had almost hit him but added: “He accepts he went too far.”