Selkirk 26-year-old fined £270 over violent struggle with police in Galashiels

Selkirk Sheriff Court.
Selkirk Sheriff Court.

A man has been fined a total of £270 after getting involved in a violent struggle with police officers during a night out with his sister.

A row broke out while street pastors were treating the sister of David Douglas after finding her slumped against a wall in Galashiels town centre at 2.30am.

Douglas, 26, and a group of his sibling’s friends were causing a nuisance as the street pastors tried to help her, Selkirk Sheriff Court heard.

Police officers intervened, and Douglas started swearing at them and squared up to a female constable and tried to lunge at her.

There was then a violent struggle involving three police officers, with one officer suffering an injured thumb as they tried to handcuff him.

Douglas continued shouting and swearing after being put in a vehicle and taken to Galashiels police station.

Defence lawyer Mat Patrick said his client was on medication incompatible with alcohol at the time.

Jobless Douglas, of Lauriston Gardens, Selkirk, was fined £100 for obstructing the police and another £170 for police assault.