Selfish dog owners who are blind to the dangers for pupils

As a regular visitor to Jedburgh, I write this letter as a plea for people to help the town.

I was recently on a visit to the town to spend time with family and, as per my normal mornings, I took a walk down to the paper shop along Howdenburn Court and down Lothian Road, a route which takes me no more than 500 metres.

However, during my walk on the first morning I noticed a considerable amount of dog mess on the ground – in fact, on the way back I counted more than 34 different areas along the footpath where dogs had fouled.

But what is most worrying, apart from the fact that owners of these dogs find it to difficult to pick the mess up, is that half-way along the route there is a dog waste bin. And of even more concern is that this is also a route kids take on their way to school. What if they were to stand in the dog mess during the walk to school and then take their shoes off for PE, transferring the mess from their hands into their eyes – potentially leading to blindness.

I think if you own a dog and let it do its business on the footpath then you should pick it up. And for all those people who walk this route I ask you to invest in a packet of nappy sacks or a poop scoop – which you can purchase at the pet shop along this route – and clear up your pet’s mess. Those of us who don’t have dogs should ask offenders to pick the mess up or report them.

Bruce Shand



We regularly read letters of complaint about dog owners who allow their pets to foul our pavements.

I would like to draw your attention to another fouling problem that occurs from time to time.

Much as I love horses and enjoy seeing them being ridden around the Borders, I think riders should not ride them on pavements or roads in towns, leaving foul-smelling dung. If dog owners are expected to clean up after their dogs, then so too should horse riders.

During the rideouts in our towns, the cleansing department does a great job cleaning up as soon as the horses have passed through the streets. However, if an individual rider chooses to ride through a town they should have the responsibility of cleaning up after their mount.

A. G. Rae

Lanton Road