Seeking answers about aims of trust

The long-awaited public meeting at which future proposals with regard to the Haining will be discussed is on Thursday, August 23, at 6.30pm in Selkirk Parish Church.

Given that the house and grounds were left as a generous bequest to the “community of Selkirkshire and the wider public”, it is important that this meeting is attended by as many interested parties as possible, as well as our elected councillors.

Like many others, I am confused at exactly what the long-term aims of the Haining Charitable Trust are and have mixed feelings regarding holiday flats, hi-tech tree houses and a gallery of modern art.

I understand the trust consists of three persons, with Susan Edington as the “active trustee”. I feel that without community involvement at decision-making level, this wonderful resource – which could, properly managed, be such an asset to the people of Selkirk – will not be sustainable in the long term.

I am also unclear as to the involvement of the Historic Scotland Buildings Trust. I look forward to clarification on its role at the meeting.

Sheila Sapkota

Back Row