Scouts in search for poles’ position

EARLSTON Scouts have launched an appeal after taking delivery of a huge marquee.

They were delighted to be given the canvas roof for the 100’ x 30’ tent – but it is missing all of its poles and tiedowns.

Scout leader Tim Seabrook said: “It was going to be thrown out but we were asked if we would like the marquee and of course it could come in very useful for our activities.

“However, it is not much use without the poles and tie-downs.”

The canvas sections were found in a cellar in Selkirk, when someone moved into a property, and it is understood the remaining portions of the marquee may be somewhere in the area.

Mr Seabrook added: “We would like to try and either locate the remaining portions of the marquee or to locate the owner of the marquee.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Earlston Scouts through their – website