Scottish Water and SBC promise talks after fresh Selkirk flooding

Southport Flooding.
Southport Flooding.

Scottish Water and Scottish Borders Council (SBC) have promised further talks on a Selkirk street’s flooding woes.

The public organisations met last Thursday at South Port after some of the worst conditions ever seen during heavy rainfall two days earlier, according to one local resident.

Malcolm Redpath’s property has been threatened with flooding for a number of years and before the meeting he said: “Tuesday was the worst I have seen it for a long time and was the final straw. The water was running right into my drive.

“This year has been one of the worst so far with the road flooded nine times since April.”

Mr Redpath was about to go on holiday and he said: “I am worried about how safe my home will be.

“This has been going on for five or six years and really is a joke now.”

Tens of thousands of pounds have been spent on investigations and pipework to solve the problem, but flooding persists.

“Some nights I cannot get to sleep if it begins to rain, because I fear what I am going to wake up to,” added Mr Redpath.

Alongside Mr Redpath, Selkirkshire councillor Kenneth Gunn attended last Thursday’s meeting.

Councillor Gunn said: “People like Malcolm and Susan Redpath have been subjected to almost six years of sleepless nights whenever rain is forecast.

“From South Port into The Loan there are people who expect to find water at their doorstep or in their home when it rains.

“There is obviously a major fault in the system when the drains cannot cope with what has become normal rainfall and we must look again at what has been done and what still needs to be done to ensure that these folk can sleep in their beds at night.

“If that means digging up the whole street and replacing sewers and drains then that is what will have to be done.

“Tinkering with the problem hasn’t worked and these streets are up a hill, not on a recognised flood plain so we must move on with this now.

“I don’t frankly care whose fault it is. All agencies must work together to make South Port and surrounding area a safe and a dry place to live. That is the least that must be done.”

Bill Elliot, Scottish Water’s regional community manager for the Borders said:

“Scottish Water officials met representatives from the South Port community, Scottish Borders Council and locally elected members on Thursday to review recent flooding events.

“The flooding was a result of the extreme and sudden rainfall which fell across the Borders.

“Scottish Water carried out a significant project to upsize the outfall pipe which carries excess surface water to the nearby Haining Loch. This was part of a joint programme of work with Scottish Borders Council.

“It will be necessary to meet further with elected members and Scottish Borders Council once their project has been completed, in order that we can review the entire surface water solution for South Port.”

David Richardson, asset manager at SBC, added: “We are continuing to discuss the situation at South Port with Scottish Water.”