Scottish tilters impress at Haining

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Organised by Scottish Borders Tilting as part of the Borders Festival of the Horse, a delegation of riders from Denmark alongside participants from Scotland, impressed a local crowd with their expert demonstration of the ancient equestrian sport of Tilting at Ring, at The Haining in Selkirk recently.

The sport, which is more than 400 years old, has its roots in Denmark, and requires skill from both horse and rider.

BBC news highlighted the event, which is the only one of its kind in Scotland, or indeed the UK, and the Danish Consul in Scotland, Mr Stuart MacPherson, was among the crowd of spectators.

The enthralled audience watched as, using skill and precision, participants cantered towards a ‘gallows’ with outstretched lance to catch a ring which is suspended from it. In competition, the winner is the person who manages to catch the smallest ring starting at 22mm in diameter, 
with the smallest ring being 5mm.

“We are developing this as an annual event in the Borders, and encouraging other equestrians to learn this amazing sport, which requires specific training,” said Judith Steel, chairman of the Scottish Borders Tilters Association.

The Haining, offers a venue for events and functions and is working with Scottish Borders Tilters to develop this amazing sport.