IN PICTURES: Selkirk Common Riding

Last Friday saw Royal Burgh Standard Bearer proudly parade the flag around the boundaries of the town before joining his fellow standard bearers in an emotional casting ceremony.

Friday, 21st June 2019, 11:42 am
Members of the Common Riding Trust and Craig Monks' parents Keith and Iona lead the procession round the town.

More than 200 horses and riders joined him on Selkirk’s biggest day and the crowds were out in force to support him. And our photographer Grant Kinghorn was there to catch every moment.

Merchant Company members with their standard bearer Bruce Riddell.
Lauder Cornet Christopher Purvis and his right and left-hand men
Kelso right-hand man Sean Hook and Kelso Laddie Mark Henderson doon the Green.
Ex-Soldiers Standard Bearer Justin Gilchrist at the war memorial.
Justin gilchrist casts the Ex-Soldiers flag.
Justin Gilchrist.
John Nichol and Graham Borthwick.
John Nicholl about to hit the first drum at 6am.
Job done, Craig Monks with his partner Tina Chesser.
Justin Gilchrist, Bruce Riddell, Craig Monks and Stuart Smith after the casting.
Jim Cockburn safe in.
Jennifer McMenamin safe in
Iona Kellet, Tina Chesser, Katie Brydon, Nicola Stillie and Emma Pearce at the Toll.
Horses at the Three Brethren
Hawick Cornet Connor Brunton
Hammermen standard Bearer Aaron McColm casting.
Hammermen casting.
Hail Smilin' Morn at the Three Brethren.
Graham Borthwick of the Silver Band.
Fraser Easson, Robbie Reilly, Mathew Stanners, Thomas Stanners and Craig Stanners.
Fleshers Standard Bearer Mark Spence
Fleshers Standard Bearer Marc Spence.
Fleshers Standard Bearer Marc Spence.
Ex-Soldiers on their way to the Act of Remembrance at 5.30am.
Ex-Standard Bearers Eric Hislop (1966) and George Wilson (1974).
Justin Gilchrist leads the Ex-Soldiers Doon the Green.
Justin Gilchrist lays a wreath on behalf of the Ex-Soldiers at their Act of Remembrance.
Ex-Soldiers standard bearer Justin Gilchrist dips the flag.
Ellen Douglas of the Silver Band
Edwina Stacy-Marks and son Rowan coming in at the Toll.
Coming doon the Green.
Coming doon the Green
Comin Doon the Green.
The procession makes its way to the casting ceremony.
The procession makes its way to the casting ceremony.
The Ex-Soldiers are led to the war memorial for the act of remembrance at 5.30am.
Honorary Provost Keith Miller hands the flag to Craig Monks with the proviso it is returned to him unsullied and untarnished.
The Hon Provost's wife Elspeth busses the Burgh flag.
The bussin of the flag
Attendants are safe in
Standard Bearer Monks' jacket ready to go.
Craig Monks with his family after the casting.
The Standard Bearer and his attendants sing Hail Smilin' Morn at the Three Brethren.
Colonials Standard Bearer Stuart Smith casts the flag
Colonials Standard Bearer Stuart Smith casts the flag
Colonials Standard Bearer Stuart Smith casts the flag
Burleymen and attendants join the standard bearer on the way to the First Drum.
Burleymen Rory Monks and Kieran Riddell are safe in.
Gala's Bearer of the white Roses Amy Thomson with Braw Lad Robbie Lowrie and Braw Lass Nicola Laing
Attendant Andrew McColm leads riders away from the Three Brethren.
Attendant Conall Fairbairn carries the flag towards the Three Brethren.
Arriving for the bussin' of the flag.
Alisdair Craig with Pippa Craig and Shelley Seal.
Aaron McColm carries the Hammermen's flag to the casting,
Two minutes' silence.
Senior Ballie James Heatlie, Hon Provost Keith Miller and Junior Ballie Rodney Pow.
Silver jubilee Standard Bearer Craig Stanners with his sons Mathew and Thomas.
Craig Stanners, Standard Bearer in 1994, is safe in.
Silver Jubilee Standard Bearer, and convenor of the race comittee, Craig Stanners, presents Craig Monks with a riding crop.
Senior Burgh Officer Graeme Bell and Junior Burgh Officer Steven Heatlie.
Selkirk's flag applicants present this year's attendants with a cheque for £640.
Selkirk's Standard Bearers with their lady bussers
Selkirk Silver Band at the Toll
Selkirk Pipe Band
Selkirk Merchant Company head 'Doon the Green'.
Selkirk Merchant Company at the County.
The Incorporation of Hammermen at the County
Selkirk Flute Band
Selkirk Pipe Band
Safe in
Safe in
Craig Monks heads to the casting ceremony
Craig Monks safe in
Riding into the Market Place
Craig heads into the Market Place
Leaving the Victoria Hall to ride the boundaries
A quiet moment at the Three Brethren
Handing back the flag
Craig Monks finished his cast.
Standard Bearer Monks leads the procession doon the Green.
Perfection in casting,
Showing excellent form.
Another casting shot.
Craig Monks at the Three Brethren.
Craig Monks at the Three Brethren.
Craig Monks with his muim Iona.
Robbie Reilly safe in
Hon. Provost Keith Miller addresses the reception at the Town Hall.
Hon. Provost Miller with the Standard Bearer and attendants.
Weavers standard bearer Darren Miller
Weavers standard bearer Darren Miller.
Proud father Keith Monks (Standard Bearer in 1984) with sons Craig and Rory (Standard Bearer in 2016).
Pipe major Jimmy Gibb.
Oliver Tomlinson safe in.
Members of the Common Riding Trust and Craig Monks' parents Keith and Iona lead the procession round the town.
The Act of Remembrance.
Merchant Company standard bearer Bruce Riddel
Merchant Company sandard bearer Bruce Riddell
Royal Burgh Standard Bearer Craig Monks flanked by his attendants Adam Nichol, Liam Cassidy, Andrew McColm and Conall Fairbairn.