Ex-Kelso Laddie appeals for safe return of lost or stolen medal

An ex-Borders principals is appealing to anyone with information about his lost Kelso Laddie’s medal to come forward.

Tuesday, 23rd July 2019, 12:16 pm
2004 Kelso Laddie Ross Glendinning is appealing to find his lost or stolen medal.

Ross Glendinning believes his medal, presented as a souvenir and badge of office after his term as Kelso Laddie in 2004, was taken from the town’s Royal British Legion on Wednesday night after the Kelso Civic Week colour bussing celebrations.

“It means the world to me,” Ross said. “I don’t care who took it and just want it back.

“Whoever has my medal, if they wish to be anonymous, can put it through a shop door, to Gorgeous Hair and Beauty Salon or the Legion or even the police station would be good.

“I’ve been in touch with the Legion and the police, but nothing so far.

“I really thought if someone had it they would have returned it by now, regardless of whether it was an accident, as in it fell of and they picked it up, or it was stolen.

“I don’t care who has it or what’s happened, I just would like it back.”

Ross attended last Thursday night’s ball in support of this year’s laddie Mark Henderson but admitted it was “not nice” attending without his coveted badge of office.

Ross believes the medal either fell off his jacket and has been lifted, or was stolen from the downstairs bar of the British Legion in Roxburgh Street.

His appeal for its return on social media has been shared 166 times Borders-wide since last Thursday, and attracted a host of comments condemning the apparent theft.