Scots will have 50 hours to spare over Easter

According to a new survey, commissioned by Go Ape, Scots will have more than 50 hours of spare time out of the 110 hours that make up the long Easter weekend.

That’s partly thanks to spending less time partying and cleaning the house than any other region of the UK, though Scots also expect to do more work over the holiday than anyone else in the UK.

70% of Scots (compared with 62% of the English and 59% of the Welsh) think Easter should be an opportunity to spend time with their kids, friends or family, with 40% only managing to do something fun with them more than once a month, or even less frequently.

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The survey also showed that 90% (compared with 83% of the English and 72% of the Welsh) feel that their lives are either ‘very predictable’ or ‘somewhat predictable’, but half would like their lives to be ‘more adventurous’.

With short, cold days and so much else going on at Christmas, Easter is a great time of year to spring into action, break with routine and do something more adventurous. So what can we do to shake things up, have fun and make this Easter one to remember?

Tristram Mayhew, Chief Gorilla of Go Ape said: “Not everyone has time to go camping, trekking or beachcombing this Easter, but most of us can manage a bite-size adventure which allows us to be home in time for tea.”

Five adventures to consider this Easter weekend:

1. Go Ape – with 3 Scottish sites in Aberfoyle, Crathes and Peebles, Scots can negotiate different obstacles among the tree tops, leap into mid-air 15m (48ft) above the ground and zoom down a zip wire. It often involves encouraging one another to overcome the challenges and ends up with a real sense of achievement as well as some great memories. (

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2. Camping – be at one with nature and spend a night under the stars in the Scottish Highlands (

3. Fly Fishing – spend the weekend on the open water amidst stunning scenery with friends and family (

4. Rock Climbing – for novices and the seasoned professionals, Glenmore Lodge offers a range of courses on and off site. The whole family can put their fear factor to the test and make a day of it (

5. Horse Riding – whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced rider, Highland Unbridled Trail Riding & Trekking Centre has rides to suit the whole family (

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