Scots richer within Union

What a plethora of letters erupted from SNP supporters last week in response to A. Graeme Morrison’s fears that First Minister Alex Salmond’s victory will lead inexorably to an independent Scotland.

Your correspondents’ comments were fairly predictable, albeit muddled.

They suggest that an independent Scotland will be economically viable, but somehow still better off in the European Union rather than as part of the British Union.

If they really believe that the European Union is the answer, then they clearly haven’t understood the question.

The fact is that whatever the reason so many voters switched to the Scottish National Party, the majority of them were not voting to leave the United Kingdom. Every opinion poll shows that at least 60 per cent of the electorate do not want an independent Scotland.

I welcome the coming debate on Scotland’s constitutional future.

Scotland is richer, culturally and economically, as a result of its partnership with the other constituent parts of the United Kingdom – Northern Ireland and Wales, as well as England.

Future generations will, no doubt, wonder why anyone would want to damage that relationship.

As for the European Union, Scotland is arguably over-represented in Westminster and, therefore, fights her corner effectively.

It is hard to see how her six MEPs could have anything like the same influence in Brussels.

Simon Mountford

(Scottish Borders Council candidate for the Conservative Party, Kelso and District)

Primsidemill Farmhouse