Scots in mood to leave UK

I recently spent a week in Scotland and the mood of the people suggests to me they have had enough of the political establishment in London and are going to leave the UK.

I feel a lot like the unwilling party to a divorce.

The chances of the English regions asserting any kind of control over London-based politicians and making them see sense are pretty slim without the Scots.

I was involved in Hartlepool politics when the town elected the local football club mascot as their first directly-elected mayor. A town of 92,000 people made a gigantic gesture of defiance to all Westminster politicians and the London political scene, which has so entirely failed them. Scots are about to do the same I think.

If Scots go it alone, should not we in Cumberland, Westmoreland, Durham and Northumberland be allowed to choose if we go with them and where the border is drawn?

Nigel F. Boddy