Scared by CSI-style find on Berwick beach


Last week I mentioned that I thought that most of the lapwings had departed the Borders in recent years and taken up residence in a Perthshire glen, after seeing hundreds on a recent visit.

I think some must have followed me home, as the day after I wrote about them, six were displaying in the field behind my house.

Despite the official arrival of British summer time at the weekend, the weather on Sunday remained cold and blustery – just right for a trip to the seaside!

Berwick was the destination, and on a comfort stop for Treacle the cockapoo at Gordon Community woodland, singing chiffchaffs were everywhere. At least they thought spring had sprung.

I had intended to have a walk along Berwick beach, but the heavens opened and a retreat to the nearest coffee shop was called for.

During a brief break in the weather, I nipped over the old bridge to Spittal and decided to take the dog for a quick walk out the big sandbank at the mouth of the river, before the next shower arrived.

I was nearing the point, watching the large number of non-breeding swans on the estuary, when I saw something on the shingle a few yards in front of me which almost stopped my heart.

It is every dog walker’s nightmare to discover a body in a remote spot and I thought my turn had come when I saw the spread-eagled figure of what looked like a child. My fear and apprehension grew as I approached, soon to be replaced by relief and laughter. It wasn’t a body which had been carried down by the Tweed and deposited by the tide, but a wet and bedraggled scarecrow. Phew!

I took some pictures and quickly left the scene, still smiling.

On the way back to the Borders, I stopped at Carham church to take some pictures of the daffodils, but this year they are very disappointing compared to other years.

I have noticed the same at Melrose bypass and other places and it would seem that despite the mild winter, conditions have not been ideal for the daffs.

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