Scare stories won’t frighten the Scots

So now we know – thanks to Michael Moore in last week’s Southern and Chancellor George Osborne via the national press – that little old Scotland – if it dares to vote for independence – is likely to become a pariah state with reinforced frontiers and international borders posts.

And with not just no common currency agreement, but a ban on using the pound or coins that are as much ours as they are the rest of the UK’s.

You just couldn’t make this kind of stuff up.

Osborne also claims Scots will be left scrambling about for notes and coins, and that he would stop RBS, Bank of Scotland and the Clydesdale from printing their own sterling notes. As a consequence, we would have to wait for notes to come across the border, either through people bringing them in – that is if they can negotiate their way round all the custom controls and security checks that Michael Moore talks about – or by means of electronic transfer in business deals.

We would then, according to the chancellor, have to hold on to that particular money to make sure it doesn’t run out.

If Michael Moore and George Osborne think that anyone’s going to fall for any of that nonsense, then they have clearly underestimated the intelligence of the people of Scotland.

These scare tactics demonstrate the absolute desperation of the Better Together camp, and shows us that they will use every trick in the book to frighten and scare us into voting to stay in the UK. Little do they understand that all this kind of negativity, bluff and bluster only makes us Scots more determined than ever to get out of the straightjacket we are currently being held in by being a constituent part of an outdated, unrepresentative union.

So my advice to Michael Moore, George Osborne and all the rest of them in the Better Together team is to keep these scare stories coming, for that is one sure way of guaranteeing a massive Yes vote come September 18.

Hugh Sneddon

Primrose Bank