SBC convener says Saltire will stay on flagpole for now

The Saltire flying from SBC headquarters
The Saltire flying from SBC headquarters

A bid to have the Saltire dropped from the council headquarters’ flagpole during a “necessary period of reconciliation” following the referendum has failed.

Conservative councillor Simon Mountford asked convener Graham Garvie if the council would consider not flying the St Andrew’s Cross during this time due to its “association” with the independence campaign.

However, Councillor Garvie responded: “Because of a number of approaches I’ve had over a period of time regarding the current flag flying protocol, a few months ago I asked the chief executive to review this policy.

“The review is being conducted by an officer working group who will be reporting to the council when it has completed its deliberations.

“In terms of the current protocol, the Saltire will remain flying on the flagpole on the council’s HQ building until any change is made by council to that protocol.

“The Saltire is of course the national flag of Scotland and any individual, organisation or party can fly that flag as they wish.”

Mr Mountford then asked: “Would consideration be given to flying the Union flag, as it is also our national flag, more frequently?”

To which Mr Garvie said that it was a ‘wide ranging’ review.