Saying Yes to no influence

If we vote Yes and the rUK lets us have the £, we would lose control of setting our interest rates and have no Westminster MPs to influence this, so we would be a separate country with little or no control of our banking system.

On the other hand, if the rUK refuses the £ after a Yes vote and we (Scotland) renege on our debts, as Alex Salmond and John Swinney have indicated, we would be setting a very bad precedent.

Europe would be reluctant to let us join the EU, because Catalonia might do the same. Who would lend us money if they thought we might not repay it? Worst of all, Scots with savings would lose the current guarantee of £85,000 should their bank fail.

Either way, we lose with separation. Being a proud Scot is about being Much Better Together, because the Yes folk are creating uncertainty,penury and selling us down the river.

Sandy Scott