Saving Borders pools could save lives

I fully agree with the sentiments expressed in two letters which appeared in TheSouthern last week in connection with Borders swimming pools.

In a region with so many rivers, lochs and burns it is essential for children to learn to swim for safety reasons alone.

If even one tragedy involving water was avoided thanks to the ability to swim it would justify the retention of public swimming pools.

I think the Borders has some of the best pools in the country and I really appreciated the excellent Teviot Leisure Centre in Hawick when my children were learning to swim.

When I was a boy there were no swimming pools in the town in which I lived and no swimming tuition at school. As a result I only learned to swim as an adult and because of that I was determined to help my children gain confidence in the water.

The pools in Hawick and Jedburgh were invaluable at that time as was the tuition given via the schools. They are now very capable swimmers and I have the schools and the Borders pools to thank.

I hope that every effort will be made to retain the Borders pools and we do not allow the profligate mistakes and vainglorious policies of central government, both past and present, to take away these wonderful facilities.

Stephen Smith