Santa Sandra helps keep BBA in the running

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Festive fundraiser Sandra Henwood, of the Friends of the BGH, put on her Santa hat last week to give the Borders Barmy Army an early Christmas present.

She has been campaigning to buy the local fundraising squad a new treadmill after the one they were using to raise funds for charities broke, and the total required (£730) was reached before Christmas.

She told us: “I’m so grateful for all the responses and donations ... Borderers certainly know how to support a good cause.

“This will keep the BBA running well.

“They have some great events planned for 2016 in support of their favourite charities, Firefighters, Macmillan Cancer and the Friends of BGH.

“I’m very proud to present them with the treadmill ... they have helped so many people is so many different ways that they deserve a little help themselves.”