Sadness over church sale

Re the article entitled “Church sale ends Kelso community project hopes” (Southern, March 15).

As members of the former Trinity Church Action Group, a sub-group of Future Kelso, we write to express our disappointment that we will not now be involved in developing this project.

We believed that through Future Kelso, Trinity Church offered an unparalleled opportunity for community multi-uses. Unfortunately, despite the action group having noted interest with the sellers, Future Kelso was gazumped in the purchase.

It was believed that on completion Trinity Church could have operated as a commercially-sustainable, not-for-profit enterprise. Unfortunately, now that the church is to be sold to private investors, it is likely that it will have to operate on a more profit-making commercial level.

While we appreciate the investors’ interest in “saving” the building, we sincerely hope that the vision for a community resource will not be abandoned by the purchasers. Although presumably once the sale is completed, there are no guarantees towards its future use or treatment.

Bruce M. Roberts

Bridge Street


Denise Playfair

The Square