Saddened by latest stage in Greenlaw Town Hall saga

We were saddened to read Janice Gillie’s article, “Greenlaw’s town hall has hardly been used since its restoration” (Berwickshire News, February 28).

Those who read Andrew Keddie’s article, “Variety theatre bid for Greenlaw hall” (Southern, February 22, 2007), and Simon Duke’s story, “First class theatre plan for Greenlaw Town Hall” (Berwickshire News, March 1, 2007), might recall that we tried to buy and, at no expense to the taxpayer, convert this splendid, but then derelict, building into a theatre – but that we felt that we were constantly being opposed.

The only persons who seemed to wish to be co-operative, other than the person who lent us the keys to enable us to inspect the then-derelict property, was Scottish Borders Council’s principal heritage and design officer, Mark Douglas, and town hall trustee Doug Smith, who Simon Duke quoted as saying that the town hall would make a great theatre.

As those who visit our website ( know, Brunskill and Loveday’s experience at the top level of professional theatre originated more than 100 years ago back in 1899 – and yet that seemed to count for nothing.

So, would we rekindle our interest in Greenlaw Town Hall? If it were to be in the derelict condition that we saw in 2006/7 and we could convert it into a theatre, the answer might have been “yes”. But, given that it has been converted into what it now is, the answer is “sorry, but no”.

Brunskill and Loveday Limited

Bridge Street